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At Home Plumbing Techniques

Home plumbing techniques

At Home Plumbing Techniques

While most plumbing companies will discourage any do-it-yourself plumbing repairs, there are preventative measure homeowners can take to ensure basic plumbing problems do not occur. We at HMS Plumbing and Mechanical would like our customers to be well informed about the necessary upkeep of their plumbing systems and know home techniques in plumbing services for all.

Owning your own home comes with major responsibilities and costs. If we can reduce those costs and any call outs for you in any way, we will. This is why we are empowering you with knowledge on what you can do yourself in the way of prevention.

Even when a call out and follow up repairs are necessary, our clients appreciate HMS Plumbing and Mechanical’s inclusive approach. We’ll talk you through everything we find in our diagnosis and inform you of all the steps and reasoning throughout repairs.

While tying a rag around a leaking pipe is not a cure-all, you can certainly do this until we arrive on the scene, but make sure that call is made so we can come out and diagnose what the full extent of the problem is and get the necessary repairs done by certified professionals.

What Can You Do to Prevent Plumbing Problems before They Happen?

The answer is simple. You need to carry out weekly self-checks of your plumbing system. This means inspecting your faucets, cleaning lint from both your washer and dryer, checking for leaky toilets and sinks, observing water drainage from sinks and showers, and being aware of how your water heater is performing and its general health.

Weekly Checkups

A weekly check-up of your plumbing system keeps the plumber away! Or at least allows you to be on top of what you may need some professional advice on. In between annual or biannual professional system inspections, we at HMS Plumbing recommend weekly check-ups by the homeowners. The following are specific steps you need to take to optimize the performance and longevity of your water system, and to stay ahead of potentially serious plumbing issues.

Inspect Your Faucets

First off, investigate what might be going on with your faucets. Two things that you will be primarily looking for are possible leaks that will lead to the beginning signs of rust and if regular checks haven’t been carried out, actual rust formation on your faucets.

Secondly, run your taps. If there is any sign of leakage around handles or valves, this can be indicative of a problem in your pipes. At this point, you need to call us right away. We have the technology now to inspect your pipes with a waterproof drain camera that can detect cracks or dents in your pipes before they become major leaks. These camera inspections are quick on diagnosis, without the need to break through walls to locate buried pipes. This method is definitive, taking the guesswork out of the equation. It saves you money and time with no follow-up visits needed.

Clean Washing Machine Lint Traps

It’s common knowledge that we all have lint traps that need to be cleaned after every load in the dryer, but did you know there were lint traps in your washing machine? A lot of people don’t. They need to be cleaned too! Regular cleaning of your washing machine’s lint trap will prevent lint from clogging up your pipes. If this is not possible, which it isn’t on some newer model machines, simply run a self-cleaning cycle regularly to eliminate any lingering lint in your pipes.

Moisture and Water on Outside of Sinks and Toilets

While you are carrying out your checks, run your hand along the outside of both your sinks and toilets. Also visually check under sinks and at the base of the toilet. Note any moisture or leaking water. If you find that you have a leak, do not hesitate to get it looked at by our professional plumbers, before it becomes a bigger problem. Acting quickly will help you cut costs and bypass expensive damage of property from otherwise preventable burst pipes.

Observe Sink and Shower Performance

Have a look at how the water in your kitchen and bathroom is exiting down the pipes. Concerning the drainage of water in your sinks, showers, and bath, swirling water is good, bubbles are not. Bubbles and slow drainage are signs that you have blocked or clogged pipes, which will require a call out from one of our plumbers at HMS Plumbing. This is another instance where we can use waterproof drain cameras to determine if there are any dents or cracks in your pipework before they burst and cause further problems.

Take Notice of Your Water Heater

Last but not least, homeowners need to regularly assess the smooth running of their water heaters. Water heaters are probably the most important elements in the water system of the home. Especially because they are quite expensive to repair. So weekly checks are a must! There is much debate over what exact temperature to set home water heaters at and full information on this debate can be found from the Canada Safety Council. Safety is paramount in this debate and a secondary consideration is longevity and performance of the water heater.

So, whether you are maintaining a home you love, or are in the process of purchasing one, HMS Plumbing are here to support you all the way. We specialize in repairing high-end fixtures that are delicate and may very well be too much for the average homeowner to cope with. New technology is racing ahead, and this is certainly the case with modern plumbing. SMART technology and digital plumbing systems are examples of just how advanced and up to the moment HMS Plumbing and Mechanical are. We have to be, as we are serving the greater Toronto area, one of the world’s major cities.

For further information on HMS Plumbing and Mechanical’s services, contact us here or call us at 416-894-9490.

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