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Backwater & Backflow Valve Installation Services

A backflow prevention system is used to prevent water from flowing back into your
home. It plays a crucial role in preventing sewage water from travelling into the pipelines
and contaminating the home’s water supply.

The backflow valve is designed to automatically lift whenever water starts backing up
and effectively block it. This is because it’s designed to detect pressure from a reverse
flow, in which it only allows water to flow in one direction. Backflow valves are used in
both residential and commercial buildings.

How Does a Backwater Valve Work?

On either side of the backwater valve flap, there are floaters. These floaters cause the
flap to stand up whenever water starts to load up and flow in reverse. This way the
valve effectively prevents anything water from entering the pipelines. The floaters relax
once the pressure resumes itself in a forward direction.

Backflow Valve Installation in Toronto
Some municipalities make backwater valves a legal requirement while others may
strongly recommend them. It is best to install them during the initial phase of
construction because it is much cheaper and you are less likely to face problems while
installing it. Backwater traps can also be retrofitted into existing homes but this process
is a whole lot expensive than the former. Also, If the device has to be put in after the
construction of the home, as opposed to being put in at the start, a plumbing permit may
be required. It is advised that you check with a backflow valve installation Toronto
information source.

If you already have the valve installed, it is equally important to have it regularly
inspected to ensure it is still functional. Getting a licensed professional to do this job is
the first step in the right direction. An amateur plumber can cause more harm than good
by inaccurately inspecting the condition of the valve, which can result in contaminants
flowing into your water and causing unforeseen health issues. HMS Plumbing is
professionally equipped with the right tools and expertise to resolve your problems and
provide proper installations and fixtures whenever needed. The company provides 24-
hour emergency services (basement flooding repair, backwater valve installation and
inspection, pipe fixtures, sewer line repair etc).

If you have a plumbing emergency, call HMS Plumbing today at (416) 894-9490

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