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Sewer Line Video Camera Inspection Services

One of the latest innovations in plumbing is video camera line inspection. This is a tried and true process that helps diagnose a host of plumbing problems without having to spend a great deal of time on guesswork. With plumbing typically hid behind walls, under floors or in the ceiling, it is hard to determine what the cause of a problem is but when you can utilize a waterproof drain camera inspection, the job becomes much simpler without the need to remove parts of the pipe, remove fixtures, etc.

The Process

Looking for a fast solution cuts down the amount of time that a job will take. A video camera line inspection eliminates the “wait and see” approach to see if a problem was fixed. This saves time for the professional and money for you. Plumbing cameras make a fast diagnosis so a repair can be made and life can go on. There typically isn’t the need for follow up visits or further repairs.


If you are buying a property and want to check out the state of the plumbing, a sewer camera inspection can ensure that everything is in working order and in good condition inside and outside of the home or business. If there are concerns, these can be addressed by the seller at no cost to you prior to you buying the property. It is a much better idea to prevent having to take on an issue yourself and be responsible for the cost.

Preventing Problems

A drain camera inspection can help you prevent major repairs in the near future. Spotting a minor problem now like a small dent or crack in a pipe can be fixed immediately rather than waiting for an entire pipe to burst and not only require plumbing repair but then you are faced with property damage that you have to file a claim for.

Protecting Your Property

When you hire a plumber that utilizes sewer camera inspection there is no need to worry about money you might be wasting on leaky pipes that you don’t know about or potential clogs that could cause bigger issues later on. You get immediate answers to your questions and a repair can usually be done right away to remedy the situation. You also don’t have to worry about the plumber needing to cut into walls, pipes or ceilings to figure out what is going on, only to leave you with a big mess that you need to either fix yourself or hire a separate contractor to get the job done.

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