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Commercial Camera/Video Inspections

Plumbing issues can be difficult to detect since plumbing systems are largely underground, or behind walls. As such, it’s normal for homeowners to be completely unaware of an escalating problem, until something bursts or completely breaks, causing expensive and sometimes irreversible damage. If it’s this hard to detect plumbing issues, you can imagine how difficult it can be to fix them.

One of the latest innovations in plumbing is video camera line inspection. This is a proven to diagnose a host of plumbing problems without having to spend a great deal of time on guesswork. With plumbing typically behind walls, under floors or in the ceiling, it is hard to determine what the cause of a problem is but when you can utilize a waterproof drain camera inspection, the job becomes much simpler without the need to remove pipes.


If you are buying a property and want to check out the state of the plumbing, a sewer camera inspection can ensure that everything is in working order and in good condition inside and outside of the home or business. This can be a great advantage to buyers since they’ll be able to see the complete state of all aspects of the property before committing to it. If there are concerns, these can be addressed by the seller at no cost to you prior to you buying the property. This can save buyers a lot of money in the long run.

Preventing Problems

A drain camera inspection can prevent major plumbing repairs. Spotting a minor problem now like a small dent or crack in a pipe can be fixed immediately rather than waiting for an entire pipe to burst. When you wait for a problem to escalate before addressing it, you could run into expensive repairs. Camera and video inspections are a great preventative measure to avoid this happening.

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