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Repairs for High-End Fixtures

HMS Plumbing specializes in repairs for high-end fixtures. When you invest in specialty plumbing for your home, you want to make sure that you take care of it, and keep up with regular maintenance. When your high-end shower is not running, it can be a cause for panic. Fortunately, HMS Plumbing specializes in repairs for high-end fixtures.

Designer baths, shower, sinks, and faucets are becoming increasingly popular. They can help homeowners create the bathroom and kitchen of their dreams, as they often come in more designs than standard fixtures. Whether you’re going for a modern, industrial, artistic, or eclectic look, you’ll be able to find a high-end fixture to help you achieve your desired aesthetic.

New technology trends are constantly emerging in the plumbing industry, and homeowners are taking advantage of the enhancements available to them. From SMART technology to digital plumbing systems, the options when it comes to your home’s plumbing system is constantly growing. It’s difficult for homeowners to keep up with these options, much less with technicalities of the systems themselves.

Common Problems
Just because a fixture is high-end, doesn’t mean that it’s immune to needing a repair every now and then; even specialty plumbing fixtures and systems need some upkeep. Common problems that you may encounter include, no flow in your shower, low water pressure, a leaky faucet, your shower head is not working, and the list goes on.

Oftentimes, homeowners’ first instinct when they encounter a plumbing issue is to fix it themselves. However, without the right training, you can seriously damage your plumbing fixture.

Specialty fixtures require specialized care. Whether your Kohler shower isn’t running or your California Faucet drain is clogged, you’ll want to have a professional take a look. Some fixtures can be extremely delicate and temperamental, and you don’t want to end up with an even further damaged drain that you tried to fix yourself. Don’t take the risk, and contact HMS for all of your high-end fixture repairs.

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