New Commercial Plumbing Construction Contractors Toronto | H.M.S Plumbing
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New Commercial Plumbing Construction & Contractors

We at H.M.S Plumbing & Mechanical provide the best-in-class plumbing construction service you can find in Toronto. Our construction plumbing is well known for ensuring the job is professional performed and can be relied on.


When it comes to complex plumbing construction projects, our team of highly skilled, professional plumbers work with experienced architects, consultants, builders and contractors. We pride ourselves in delivering work on time and done properly.


As a plumbing system is usually hidden in walls, floors, ceilings, underground, etc, deficiencies or small leaks post inspection can occur and remain unnoticed until it starts causing significant damage. If the problem goes undetected and causes major damage to the walls or floor, major costs are required to resolve the problem. Moreover, these problems can be very time consuming and invasive.


H.M.S Plumbing and Mechanical is a fully certified and insured company that employees a team of licensed tradespeople. Apart from this, we offer industrial grade products and components to make sure a well designed and reliable plumbing system is created.

We not only construct new systems from the ground up, but also repair, finish or replace poor work and deficiencies performed by previous contractors. If your newly constructed office or home has leaks or sluggish drainage, give us a call. It’s better to have a second opinion sooner than latter.


If you plan to renovate, build, or re-pipe your property. Do not hesitate email us your plans. We will take over the process and will be in constant communication with the architect and the contractor to create a plan devoid of any potential plumbing issues. We will also keep you updated throughout the whole procedure and will ensure all the necessary information is shared with you.


H.M.S Plumbing & Mechanical is keen to provide its customers with a fine quality of work they can rely on. We stand behind our work and we deliver on-time.

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