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Plumbing Fixture Repair & Replacement Services

While toilets, sinks and bathtubs sometimes require repair or replacing. Whether it is the
fixture itself or the plumbing connecting it, repairs and replacements can be costly. You
want to make sure that you are getting only the work that is required.

You may think that repairing your running toilet isn’t a priority. After all, no water is going
on the floor, no mess to clean up. You might not even notice it right away. But the
hundreds of gallons of water a week that you are wasting is going to hit hard when the
water bill comes in. Toronto toilet repairs cost much less than the high utility costs of
leaving a toilet leaking.

There are many other types of toilet repairs that you may need as well. For example,
you might notice a slow seeping leak around the base of the toilet. These issues require
immediate toilet repair.

Keep in mind, you will likely have to replace the flush valve, the flapper, or the wax ring
at the base over time. However, if there are multiple problems with your toilet, repairs
might be just as costly as replacing the fixture altogether.

A leaky faucet can be a quick fix, but there are a lot of types of sink repair that require a
professional. If your sink is clogged even after your own efforts to remove the clog, you’ll
want to call in a plumber for sink repair. The clog could be far down in the pipes and
only a plumber with a snake can bust it loose.

You may also experience some issues with your clog or backed up sink that smell foul.
This is usually the result of a backed up sewer line and is more damaging than a simple

sink repair. You’ll want to call a plumber in immediately if the water in your sink stinks or
is a brownish colour.

Bathtub Repair

Bathtub repair doesn’t just refer to the plumbing aspects. You might have a clogged
drain. Maybe the shower pull or the drain stop no longer works. Or perhaps you have
water leaking underneath your tub that requires repair. But, the most common repairs
have to do with the tub itself.

Bathtubs do get old and worn out over time. They can become cracked or otherwise
damaged. Replacing a bathtub is a huge pain, and can be extremely expensive. A
cheaper alternative is bathtub repair. Essentially a lining is placed on the bathtub that
cures and creates a solid seal that prevents future problems for years. If you have a
porcelain tub a bathtub repair might include refinishing of the surface to eliminate

Regardless of your type of fixture repair or replacement that is required, a reputable and
friendly plumbing service is your best bet to get the job done right and for a reasonable

If you have a plumbing emergency, call HMS Plumbing today at (416) 894-9490

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