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Tips From a Professional Plumber

Tips for plumbing

Tips From a Professional Plumber

Perhaps you are training to become a do-it-yourself plumbing expert, or just want to learn a few tips so that you can make some minor repairs around the house without having to call a professional plumbing company. In any event, you can actually save several hundred dollars a year if you decide to take matters into your own hands instead of calling a professional. If the issues are minor, then you can take care of them yourself without having to call an expert. Below, are some quick tips that are easy to implement and have been passed down from the very best professional plumbers in the business.

Replace Faucet and Toilet Parts Yourself

If you take apart pipes under your shower or sink, you can end up dealing with some very serious issues if you aren’t careful. However, trying to replace your faucet cartridge or toilet flapper yourself carries very little risk, as there isn’t really anything you can damage by trying to replace them. If you are dealing with leaks between your toilet bowl and your toilet tank, then a worn flapper may be the culprit. You can easily replace a worn flapper for just a few dollars, and the package will also come with user-friendly instructions on how to replace it with no muss or fuss.

The majority of the faucets being manufactured today can be repaired by replacing the interior with a cartridge. To do so is a cinch as you will only need to remove a few screws. As such, if you find that your sink is dripping frequently or that your toilet is running all the time, then head to your local hardware store, pick up a few cheap replacement parts, and give it a go yourself.

Take Care of Clogs Without Using Chemicals

Many Canadians will turn to very potent, abrasive, and expensive chemical cleaners when their drain is clearing slowly. However, you can save yourself quite a bit of green by using a drain snake. A drain snake is an inexpensive apparatus that can be used to manually unclog a drain. To use a drain snake, all you need to do is insert it into the drain and slowly extract it. In most cases, whatever is causing the clog will come out with the drain snake. However, if you don’t have one handy or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of using a drain snake, then you can use a dry/wet shop vacuum. Simply suck out the clog to take care of the issue with ease.

Check Your Shower Head

If your showerhead is dripping, then you can easily rectify the issue with some handy thread tape. In many cases, leaks are caused when the threads are simply not connecting tight enough, and some thread tape can help solve the problem. To take care of the issue, you will need to unscrew the shower head and then wrap the new tape in a clockwise position. Then, simply re-attach in order to stop the dripping issue. In some cases, you may be dealing with a clogged shower head. To solve the problem quickly, simply soak the shower head in a bowl of vinegar and warm water. We would recommend that you let it soak for about an hour or so. In some cases, some mineral deposits may be causing the blockage in the spray, but you can remove them using a small toothbrush and some elbow grease.

Avoid Thread Sealing

Thread sealing compound, which is also known as “pipe dope”, can cause smearing and dripping. In the majority of do-it-yourself projects involving pipe threads, thread tape will work even better than pipe dope. You can choose a white multi-purpose tape or a thicker yellow tape for gas pipes. You can also purchase a thicker pink tape for water pipes.

Generally speaking, the thicker tapes are recommended because of their easier handling. To take care of your threading issue, wrap the tape in a counterclockwise fashion. Moreover, if you are unable to get the roll into a compact space, then take an inexpensive pen and wrap a few turns of tape around it and then apply. Most experts agree that to get the best results, you should wrap the tape around the pipe threads thrice.

You Can’t Beat the Heat

You may run across an issue where using a pipe wrench won’t be able to loosen a pipe fitting or that trap under your sink. This can be a very frustrating issue, and no amount of manual twisting, turning, and brute force can solve the annoying problem. The good news is you can use a little heat in order to loosen up pipe dope that has become solidified with age. Simply use a small propane torch to take care of the problem. Apply heat for 3 to 4 minutes and you should notice significant progress. As for your nearby walls, you should protect them by using some heat resistant material. Also, you should only use heat on water pipes made of metal. Heat should never be applied toon plastic fittings, plastic pipes, or gas pipes.

HMS Plumbing and Mechanical

If you need a fully licensed and bonded professional plumbing company, then look no further. HMS Plumbing and Mechanical was established in 2012, and is Toronto’s top plumbing contracting firm. For more information, give us a call at 1-877-205-9436.

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