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Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Needs

With the average plumbing repair costing homeowners about $330, it’s easy to understand why so many people choose to make their own repairs when possible. Many common plumbing problems are fairly simple to repair when you have the right tools — but what are they? If you’re interested in taking on some simple DIY plumbing fixes yourself, then you’ll definitely want to have the following tools handy.

Flange Plunger

The flange plunger is the number one tool used by plumbers, and it’s unusual to see a plumber without one of these in his possession. It has a unique shape designed to fit the inside of the toilet to quickly remove clogs. The plunger works by creating a vacuum-tight seal around the hole and using water force to dislodge the item stuck inside the pipe. Available for just a few bucks at any home improvement store, the flange plunger is an item that every homeowner should have.

Cup Plunger

The cup plunger is your basic style plunger that is used to remove minor clogs from sinks and tubs. The plunger looks similar to an upside-down cup. This easy-to-use tool is simply placed over the hole of the plumbing fixture and uses a vacuum seal together with water pressure to remove the clog.

Toilet Auger

Frequently called a plumbing snake, the flexible, long steel tube is designed to clear clogs from a toilet. Simply insert the snake into the plumbing hole and push it down the drain. Once the snake cannot be pushed anymore, it is cranked to break up the clog. This tool is handy when the clog is too stubborn, or too deep to be fixed with a plunger. It quickly grinds through even the toughest of clogs, saving homeowners from calling a plumber.

Sink Auger

The sink auger is another necessity that homeowners need in their plumbing tool lineup to rid minor clogs in the sink and the tub. The sink auger works in the same manner as a toilet auger, except that it is specifically designed to be used on sinks.

Adjustable Pipe Wrench

Sometimes called the crescent wrench, this is another tool that you’ll always find closeby whenever there’s a plumber around. It is a versatile tool, capable of removing pipes as well as nuts, bolts, and other plumbing fixtures. The tool also works to tighten objects, like showerheads. Invest in a high-quality product for added durability and lifetime use. Use this tool for pipe removal only when you’re comfortable with your level of expertise and ability to properly remove the pipe.

Basin Wrench

The basin wrench is useful when replacing a bathroom or kitchen faucet. The self-tightening wrench tightens and loosens fittings in` hard-to-reach places within plumbing systems. Choose a wrench that has a 90-degree, telescoping shank to take have full versatility when using the product.


When it’s cutting power that you require, the hacksaw is the tool for the job. This versatile tool can cut through almost any type of pipe or hardware within the plumbing system, giving you the freedom to quickly make any repair. While convenient, this tool should only be used by those that are comfortable — it can cause serious damage if used improperly.

Tongue and Groove Pliers

Tongue and groove pliers have quickly replaced pipe wrenches for minor jobs in modern plumbing. Also called a channel lock, these pliers feature angled jaws with long handles that can be adjusted to numerous positions to fit every size pipe or component. They’re best used to stabilize bolts and nuts, and comes in a standard 10-inch size. Smaller and larger versions are available for purchase as well.

Tubing Cutter

Copper tubing is used in the plumbing systems of many homes. If it is used in your plumbing system, you’ll need a special cutter when completing some repairs. The tubing cutter smoothly cuts through copper pipes and is an easy-to-use tool that works by clamping the tool on the pipe and then spinning the cutter. This tool costs just a few bucks and is a valuable item for any home that uses copper pipes.
While it can be tempting to try your hand at repairing your plumbing issues to save some time and money, it’s important to recognize when a professional is needed. Call HMS Plumbing at 877-317-5593, or send us an e-mail to find out more.

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